‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ brings the heart in television’s first great musical (A)

20-fall-preview-tv-crazy-ex-girlfriend-w750-h560-2x“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” has had a lot going against it. Between it being on the CW, having an ironic title and unequivocally being a full-blown musical, it shouldn’t still be on the air.

But if this show is for you, it will instantly be one of your favorite shows on television. The songs are phenomenally funny and real at the same time. My favorites are “The Sexy Getting Ready Song,” where our main character, Rebecca, sings about how women prepare for a date, and “Settle for Me,” a love song where a guy asked a girl to give up on her crush and date him instead.

Also, the characters have been fully formed and relatable from the first episode. You have Rebecca, the lawyer who is finally trying to be happy in her life; Josh, an Asian former jock who sees the best in everyone; Greg, a bartender who desperately wants to leave West Covina but can’t find a way to do it; and Paula, who lives vicariously through Rebecca instead of focusing on her own family.

The show has been able to tackle sexism, mental health, bisexuality and modern dating in its first 14 episodes. It has also created the most balanced love triangle in the history of television, where both of the guys make Rebecca a better human being in different ways.

The show has always been on the bubble and may not be renewed, but for now it is great television. Only the past few episodes are streaming, but if you have a way to catch up, I highly recommend it. If you can’t, go to YouTube and listen to the songs over and over again until the show is available on Netflix or DVD.

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